First Photos Of New Island In Pacific Are Released

The first photos of a new island have emerged. Pictures of a new island in the Pacific have emerged, and they are beautiful.

The island, right off of Tonga, is believed to have formed from a volcano erupting under water and expanding up above the surface.

Now, pictures of the new island have emerged, after three men from the nearby Tonga island climbed to the peak of the landmass.

Although the island's outline can be seen from satellite images, these adventurous men wanted to get more precise pictures of what the new island actually looks like.

Tonga islandPacific island off Tongatonga island volcano

The photos were taken by Mr. Orbassano from Italy. He once held a career in photography, and as you can see, he really knows how to take photos.

Take a good look at these photos, because scientists believe the island will be eroded away in just a few months.


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