5 Cases Where Young Americans Died At The Hands Of a Police Officer

Michael Brown wasn’t the first child who died at the hands of police in the U.S.

Michael Brown

The recent instability in Ferguson highlights a very real problem the world faces. Police brutality is a matter that affects the rights of citizens, and is only one example of corrupted power. In light of that – and in all seriousness – here are a few cases of young Americans who have had to bear the brunt of police brutality.

1) Taimur E. Rice, age 12.

The young boy who was not yet a teenager was shot at a park in Cleveland after police noticed he had a gun. He was shot at twice, and one bullet hit him in the torso.  As it turns out, the gun he had was a BB gun.

2) Laquan McDonald, 17

This happened in Chicago and was related to car theft. McDonald was reportedly shot dead by police in the Archer Heights neighbourhood. The teenager had a knife and according to the officers, looking upon them with a “100-yard stare.” So he was shot.

3) Diana Showman, 19.

This is a truly sad case where a mentally ill girl who was shot outside of her own home in San Jose. Police were called to the scene upon an alleged threat, which warned of an “uzi” gun. She came out of her house holding what turned out to be a power drill, and the police, fearful, ended up shooting her. Her parents were not at all pleased with the way the police handled the situation.

4) Carey Smith-Viramonte, 18

In Los Angeles, this boy was found along with a girl, who had been reported as missing, in a house on Eucalyptus Avenue. The officer went to the scene to find the missing person, and upon investigation found that there had been a restraining order. He ended up shot dead, on the scene. "The male adult armed himself with a knife," the police statement read. "Fearing for the safety of the parties, the officer discharged his weapon, striking the suspect."

5) Samantha Ramsey, 19

At a party which was raided by the cops in Kentucky, this young girl tried to avoid getting caught. But a police officer was hell-bent on catching her along with the three others in the vehicle she tried to escape in. And he fired – she ended up passing away.

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