Drinking This City's Water Could Make You Dumber, Claim Doctors

The city Flint's water supply is believed to be contaminated but the officials don't seem to care much about it.

It seems America has 99 problems and several of them revolve around water. After California's much documented water drought, the news is that the water supply in Flint, Michigan has such high quantities of lead that drinking it could make you permanently dumber.

The claim has been made by the city's doctors although the state officials are denying that there is any such problem. As per Vice, Flint was getting its water from Detroit but recently decided to use the Flint River's supply, which makes its way to the city via service lines and pipes, and therefore, has much more lead than what is usual.

The doctors say that the city officials should take special measures to counter this abnormality as its prolonged usage could adversely affect IQ levels and cause a series of other health problems.

Water Could Make You Dumber

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, however, is adamant that their water supply is fine and that elevated levels of lead, if any, are “seasonal and not related to the water supply.”

On the other hand, the doctors have issued warnings and are strongly advising pregnant women, senior citizens, and children against drinking Flint's tap water. While the human body is tolerant to a certain level of lead in its drinking water, too much of the metal can cause poisoning, which is major health hazard. Among children, it could lead to organ damage and learning disabilities, while adults could experience seizures, kidney damage, miscarriage, etc with lead-filled water's continued usage.

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