Flood-Hit Pakistan Marks Independence Day

Independence Day celebrations are muted in Pakistan after floods devastated the country as a case of the deadly, waterborne disease cholera has been confirmed. Shahid Malik, Pakistan's High Commissioner to India, said: "The spirit of Pakistan's Independence Day has died down due to the floods which took many lives." The cholera discovery is the latest threat to the millions whose lives have been disrupted by the crisis. Officials cancelled the fireworks for the Independence Day celebrations. It marks the anniversary of Pakistan's creation and independence from Britain in 1947. Government leaders were expected to spend much of the day visiting flood victims amid warnings that more surges may be on the way, threatening cities and towns along main rivers. Many flood victims are living in muddy camps or overcrowded government buildings, while thousands more are sleeping in the open next to their cows, goats and whatever possessions they managed to drag with them.