Flooding Spreads To Southern Australia

(From Carbonated TVs Editor's desk)

The turmoil caused in Australia due to the recent floods has been of traumatic proportions. About three-fourth of Queensland which is almost equivalent to four times of Texas was inundated. Lives were lost, people were amiss, houses were brought down and people were shattered. The recent forecast of more rainfall in Australia is causing major concern. Floods have now hit Southern part of the country having a huge impact in Victoria state. These Southern floods have left houses inundated and many rural properties isolated. The incident commander for emergency services, Ray Jasper expects a delivery of bread, milk and medicines to the remote parts of the state for at least two weeks.


Helicopters flew into remote areas of southern Australia on Tuesday to reach residents isolated by flooding, an emergency official said.

The latest wave of flooding to hit Australia is having a "huge" impact in Victoria state, said Ray Jasper, incident commander for emergency services there.

"We have houses inundated. We have a lot of isolated rural properties," he said, noting that helicopters would likely be delivering bread, milk and medicine to remote parts of the state for at least two weeks.

Potential for more major flooding in the state remains strong, CNN International Meteorologist Jennifer Delgado said. Officials were still surveying damage and bracing for more as the threat of more rain falling into swollen rivers loomed.