Bigoted Gun Owner in Florida Offers This Hateful Discount

Amna Shoaib
In our How To Not series, this week we tell you how to not honor the martyrs of a terrorist attack.

Some bigots spent an entire lifetime with their mind clogged by hateful views, trying to cause a stir. Others simply pour their venom on social media, getting the attention they have craved their entire lives.

Our most recent most glowing example is that of Florida gun shop owner Andy Hallinan. In commemoration of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, when nearly 3,000 people lost their lives due to a barbed ideology of hate, Hallinan thought it was a good idea to fan feelings of hostility between the different communities that inhabit America. So he offered $25 off any new gun if customers used the coupon code "Muslim."


Describing Islam as "evil to the core," Hallinan, who did not want to be taken for the hateful bigot that he is, quickly clarified that he does not believe that all Muslims are evil. How kind of him. Hallinan did not provide any clue for identifying the innocent Muslims from the larger, evil population.

Hallinan had tried to get a spike in his popularity earlier this year, when he declared his shop a "Muslim-free zone," in wake of the Chattanooga shootings, where a Muslim man killed 5 U.S. service members. When the Council on Islamic Relations filed a lawsuit against him, Hallinan raised money for defense by selling prints of the Confederate flag drawn by George Zimmerman. Squirms.


Hallinan, who believes that Islam is evil and the Black Lives Matter movement is "a joke that leads to deadly violence," cites battling political correctness as his goal. Inevitably then, his favorite candidate for presidency is Donald Trump, the warrior who has disregarded the plague of political correctness through misogyny, racism and generalized stupidity.

“I believe that the nation is in such a crisis right now, we need a savior not a politician,” Hallinan said. “Donald Trump is my hero because he will not back down, and neither will I."

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