Local Landscaper Does Something Extraordinary For Wheelchair-Bound Man

A quadriplegic man was having trouble navigating his way through his front door to the driveway, so a local business owner decided to help him out.

Florida Landscaper

The world is not all bad – even though it appears to be rather heartless at times – and the truth is there are still kind and noble people out there who try to make life easier for others without expecting anything in return.

Derek Jenks, owner of landscaping company Outdoor Perfections in Naples, Florida, is one of them.

The landscaper learned through Facebook that a local quadriplegic man was continuously falling out of his electric wheelchair while trying to get from his front door to the driveway, and decided to make life easier for him.

Domingo Matos, who was shot four times after he walked into an armed robbery at a friend’s apartment, has been in a wheelchair for the past 11 years due to injuries he sustained.

Florida Landscaper

When the 31-year-old flipped his wheelchair twice during the same weekend, a neighbor put out an appeal for help on Facebook, since Matos could not afford a new custom-built front yard.

“Turning on the little sidewalk part, my wheels have come off and I’ve gone straight to the sod,” Matos explained. “I hit my head really bad, my neck, shoulder, hip.”

Florida Landscaper

Although the disabled man probably did not expect anyone to respond to his plea, Jenks swung into action as soon as he saw the post online. He rounded up spare paving stones, rallied his employees and got to work.

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“Death trap, definitely a death trap,” the landscapers said, referring to the narrow walkway. “We removed the sod that was here and measured out 5 feet, so he can get easy access with his electrical wheelchair here. He could actually drive down it turn around on it without falling over.”

Jenks worked for several hours through a storm, and built Matos a new pathway, complete with a 5-foot spread that is wide enough to safely turn a wheelchair without falling over.

Florida Landscaper

“It was nice just to be able to help somebody out,” he added.

Pictures of the company’s handiwork soon emerged online, and have gained a lot of attention since then.

“They’re exceptional people and they have a good heart,” said Matos. “I’m so happy right now.”

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