Florida Mother Shames Son By Making Him Carry Sign For Swearing At Teacher

A South Florida mother is teaching her sixth grader foul-mouthed son a very public lesson in respect.

A South Florida mother is teaching her sixth grader foul-mouthed son a very public lesson in respect.

12-year-old Erol Faustin who used profanity against his teacher after she asked him to remove his book bag was forced by his mother, Lisette Lopez, to carry a large sign that said ‘I disrecpeted my teacher’. 

Florida Mother Shames

Erol has been suspended for three days from James S. Rickards Middle School after he swore  at his teacher. "He told her he doesn't give an 'f,' 'b,'" revealed Lisette. "Those words are not acceptable in my house," she added.

As punishment for his actions, Lopez forced Erol to hold the sign board in front of his school in Oakland Park, Florida as his friends surrounded him, many of them taunting him for his wrong behavior. The large sign, which Lopez wrote, reads in part: "I disrespected my teacher. I would like to apologize not only to that teacher but to all adults." His apology was extremely genuine and heartfelt that drew more than a few tears.

Florida Mother Shames

Ms Lopez told WVSN that embarrassing Erol was not her intent. 

”This isn’t for a punishment,” said Ms Lopez. “It’s for him to understand that I’ve tried everything I could, and if this is what it takes, then this is what it takes.”

Lopez said that she at first tried to counsel him through long talks but it didn’t work out. She also added that Erol’s father has a criminal record, and that she would do all that she can to make sure the 12-year-old doesn’t follow in his father’s footsteps. 

"He's had support from the after school community,"she said. The sign, she insisted, is being used as a last resort and not to humiliate him in front of his peers.

Florida Mother Shames

Many of the students took the Lopez’s side, saying that Erol deserved to be called out for calling a teacher such a bad name. "I completely agree with what's going on," a student said. "If your son is disrespecting a teacher, the only way he's going to learn is have him do something he won't forget," he added.
Erol has certainly learned his lesson as he was pictured with tears streaming down his face.

This is not the first time we have witnessed a public lesson like this one. Previously Flagler County parents forced their daughter to hold a sign advertisingthat described what she did on a very busy intersection in Palm coast, as a sign of punishment.

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