Florida Teen Saves The Life Of His Arresting Police Officer

Just because he was arrested doesn’t mean this teen is a bad guy.

arrested florida teen saves police

A Florida teen showed that even allegedly breaking a law can't stop him from doing the right thing when he helped save the life of a police officer who had arrested him.

Now 17-year-old Jamal Rutledge will be honored for his brave  and selfless act.

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Rutledge was sitting handcuffed at Fort Lauderdale’s police booking facility when Officer Franklin Foulks, who was busy doing some paperwork, fell to the ground rather suddenly. 

Noticing the fall and unable to do anything himself, Jamal got up and kicked at the security fenced door, signaling for help for the fallen officer.

Within minutes, three other officers rushed in to help the now semiconscious Officer Foulks, who was clutching his chest.

While two officers attempted to help Foulks with CPR and by using a defibrillator, another got in touch with Fire Rescue. Shortly after, Foulks was rushed to Broward Health Medical Center.

According to the doctors, Rutledge's quick response to get help played a significant role in saving Foulks' life. The doctors expect him to return to duty by the end of the month.

Rutledge has been arrested multiple times, but his record is private because he's a juvenile.

Despite having multiple arrests hanging on his head, this teen turned out to be a pretty handy arrestee to keep around. Hopefully, he won’t be spending much time in another cell anytime soon.

As for now, Rutledge, along with the three officers who helped save Foulks', life will be recognized for his honorable actions on Jan. 21 at a city commission meeting.

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