Following The Air Strikes, Is A Regional Conflict Between Syria And Israel Possible?

Israel carried out two airstrikes in Syria over the weekend amid fears of a possible regional war and use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Air Strikes

Israel carried out two airstrikes in Syria over the weekend amid fears of a possible regional war and use of chemical weapons in Syria.

But this is not the first time Israel has conducted these airstrikes in the civil war-stricken country of Syria. In January this year, Israeli military forces bombed a target inside Syria which was a warning to Damascus to stop providing weapons to a Lebanese Islamic militant group, Hezbollah. It was a clear act of aggression on Israel’s part as the attack was carried out on the basis of mere suspicion.

The target was the same research facility in the area of Jamraya, northwest of Damascus and about 15 kilometers from the Lebanese border, which was attacked in January by Israeli military jets.

The sophisticated weapons, according to Israel, are being supplied by Iran to Hezbollah via Syria. Although the alleged supply of weapons has not been confirmed and the existence of chemical weapons in Syria has not been proved yet, Israel still dared to conduct the airstrikes which can be considered as ‘unprovoked’ attacks.

Air Strikes

The ongoing civil war in Syria between the Bashar al-Assad regime forces and opposition groups has claimed over 70,000 lives and has displaced scores of people into neighboring countries. The country has seen too much devastation in the past two years and Israel’s fear of a possible regional war with Syria seems irrational since there will be a prominent and obvious uneven military potential on both sides.

Syria is a country destroyed by internal conflict while Israel is one of the most highly equipped nations in terms of military capabilities. Therefore, Israel’s fear of a regional war is not justified. It can be seen as just another attempt on its part to maintain hegemony in the region and violating the UN charter, yet again.

The United States didn’t have much to say about the Israeli airstrikes except that it was not ‘notified’ about the attacks. Moreover, according to an anonymous U.S. intelligence official it would not be unusual for Israel to take aggressive steps when there was a little ‘chance’ that some sophisticated weapons system would fall into the hands of Hezbollah. Actually, he is right. It is not unusual for Israel to attack nations over ‘chances’ of possible conflict.

The Jewish state has a history of conducting such offensives. Let’s see how far Israel takes the conflict as it was not Syria who initiated the attack and is not likely in a state of having a full blown war with any other country in the region. And even if Syria decides to engage in a regional conflict with Israel, it is quite easy to guess which country will be the first one to perish.

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