Footage Shows Baltimore Cop Spit On A Handcuffed Suspect

A Baltimore cop was recorded detaining a young man, but it appears in the video that he proceeded to spit on the suspect's face while he was already on the ground and cuffed.

A video of a Baltimore cop spitting on a handcuffed suspect is making waves on the internet after being posted to Twitter Monday.

The footage — rightfully — is causing outrage amongst activists and citizens disturbed by the officer’s disrespectful actions.

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Why are you even spitting on people? You're a grown man!

It all allegedly started when the officer approached the man at a bus stop and questioned him about a book bag he was carrying. After the officer threw the guy's bag on the ground, an argument erupted between the two which resulted in the civilian’s arrest.

The incident occurred at night, so the arrest isn’t clearly visible in the footage but you can see a struggle and in the video you can hear people at the scene yelling that the officer spit on the suspect.

Activist Kwame Rose, who posted two videos from the incident, said that he and others are demanding the officer’s termination, according to Mic.

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"Spitting on another human being is dehumanizing; that's not a form of restraint," Rose reportedly said. "The officer clearly violated his personal space, his personal rights and clearly disrespected him as a human being."

The Baltimore Police Department released a statement on Twitter claiming they will conduct an investigation, but that promise is nothing more than an unreliable appeasement at best. 

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