Footage Shows Syrian Rebel Commander Ripping Out And Eating The Heart Of A Pro-Assad Fighter! (Video)


Wars make people do a lot of messed up things. Decades after wars being over, we hear stories of atrocities taking place at the hands of forces as well as people. However, in this day and age, not much is missed by the camera’s eye and once it is captured it is all over the place.

This video from Syria is really troubling and horrible in the extreme! Recorded by Syrian rebels, it shows a person, apparently their leader, mutilating an enemy corpse and eating the heart of a Syrian army soldier.

While the leader takes a knife to the soldier’s body and eats his heart his comrades chant: “I swear to God we will eat your hearts and your livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog,”amid shouts of “Allah-o-akbar” or “God is great.”

It is most chilling and horrifying to see. The mayhem in Syria has already caused massive death and destruction. This however, tops it all, probably because this puts the atrocities more in focus for us.

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