American Workers Are Treated Worse Than Workers In Many Third-World Countries

An international labor organization has rated 139 countries by working conditions, and the news for the United States is not good.

For people who have to work for a living, some countries are better than others. And according to a recent survey, things in the United States aren't very good at all. 

The International Trade Union Confederation collected data from 139 countries and then assessed each based on nearly 100 different categories, including the degree to which workers have the right to organize and protection from unsafe conditions. Each country was them assigned a rating from 1 to 5, 5 being the worst. In nearly 40 nations, workers don't even have the right to strike or organize and can face imprisonment for doing so. 

While relatively few countries received a rating of one (and only one country, Denmark got a perfect score across the board), dozens of nations were ranked higher than the United States, which clocked in at a lowly 4, putting it on par with developing nations like Iraq, Myanmar and Yemen and behind countries like Ecuador, Paraguay and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

The United States was dinged for "systemic violations" and for repeatedly undermining the rights of workers to engage in collective bargaining. 

The ratings point to a surprising conclusion: the world's wealthiest nations aren't necessarily where workers are getting the best deal. One top performer is Uruguay, while rich Hong Kong sits alongside the US at four. 

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