Former Colleague Kills Yale Doctor At Home

"A Chinese medical resident stalked, ambushed and murdered an Indian doctor who works at Yale University outside the victim's suburban home on Monday.The gunman also shot wildly at the victim's pregnant wife before fleeing, leaving her to watch her husband bleed to death.The suspect and victim had a beef dating to when both worked at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in Brooklyn last year, cops said.Vajinder Pal Toor, 34, a first-year fellow at the Yale School of Medicine, was slain as he left for work just before 8 a.m.It was the second murder at Yale's medical school in seven months.Lishan Wang, 44, allegedly riddled Toor with bullets as he walked to his car outside his condominium in Branford, Conn., 15 minutes from campus.When Toor's five-months-pregnant wife, Parneeta, heard multiple shots and went outside to investigate, the gunman tried to take her down too. He missed.The couple have a three year old son "