Google Ex-Employee Exposes Alleged Sexual Harassment By Higher Ups

Kelly Ellis tweeted on Saturday about recurring sexual harassment at Google.

Sexual Harassment in Google

In a series of tweets posted on Saturday, a former Google employee alleged she was repeatedly sexually harassed by her superiors while working at the company.

Kelly Ellis, who was a software engineer at Google for four years, claimed she was even reprimanded for speaking out about the issue after accusing and naming two of her former supervisors, Rod Chavez and Vic Gundotra.

After Ellis’ allegations were reported, Chavez was contacted by SF Weekly. He stated that he barely knew Ellis.

"She used to work at Google, I believe. She didn't work with me but we worked in the same org,” he told SF Bay before adding, “he would need to check with his superiors” to further comment on the story.

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Although Google hasn’t confirmed whether or not she was an employee, she is listed among "The Women Who Built Google Plus" on tech site Women 2.0 as well as on a CBS News slideshow titled "20 Women in Tech to Follow on Google ."

After making the controversial tweets, Ellis made her Twitter profile private, but BuzzFeed News saved many of the posts:

Ex-Googler Alleges Sexual Harassment at Google

Google hit with sexual harassment complaint from ex-employee

Sexual Harassment Tweet

Kelly Ellis Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment
So far, Google has declined to issue any response to the allegations made by Ellis – who has also refused to speak to the media.

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