Former MIT Professor Loses It, Allegedly Robs Bank And Films Heist

Amna Shoaib
He did it for art. It seems like a rather routine occurrence: good-for-nothing thugs and people low on cash/food often get involved in attempts of robbery.

joseph gibbons

But this time, the accused is not your run-of-the-mill common criminal.

The bank heist allegedly was masterfully planned, executed and filmed by a former professor at MIT, filmmaker Joseph Gibbons. And Gibbons is no kleptomaniac. He reportedly got on the wrong side of the law all for his latest art project.

The 61-year-old Gibbons was charged on Friday after he made off with $1,000 from a Capital One Branch at Bowery and Grand Street in New York's China Town, police say. He entered the bank at 2:00 pm on New Year's Eve holding a camcorder and handed over a note to the teller, demanding a donation for his church, according to police.

Gibbons is also facing felony charges in Rhode Island, where he allegedly used a similar plan to rob $3,000. He has been described as an "intellectual" by cell mate Keylan Sherrard who claims, "It's not a crime, it's artwork..."

Say what you will, the heist was indeed artfully planned – an art that is not restricted by societal norms or judicial laws. And one that will probably land him in the slammer.