Former NFL Star Dies After Accidentally Shooting Himself With His Gun

Isabella Ohlmeyer
Former NFL Colts player, Zurlon Tipton, recently died after he accidentally shot himself with his gun near a car dealership in Detroit, Michigan.

Many gun owners fail to understand how to correctly use a gun and end up causing harm not only to others, but also themselves.

Zurlon Tipton, 26, dropped his car off at a car dealership in Detroit when he reached into his duffel bag and accidentally shot himself in the stomach, according to ESPN.

Matt Overton, Tipton’s teammate on the Colts, said, “Zurlon was a dude you rooted for -- an undrafted, talented, hardworking player who always seemed to have a smile on his face. His personality was contagious.”

Police stated that Tipton was still alive and even talking while being transported to the St. John’s hospital, the Detroit News reported.

Tipton later died from his injuries at St. John’s hospital.

This isn’t the first incident Tipton has been in involving a gun.

Last December, the former NFL player was charged with criminal recklessness with a gun after he fired from an assault weapon outside of a home in Indianapolis.

Employees who license guns to gun owners need to properly demonstrate how to use guns safely and prevent tragedies.  

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