Former Republican Gov On Election: "We Had Some Shitty Candidates"

Former Governor of Mississippi Haley Barbour did not waste any words in describing what went wrong for Republicans candidates in the 2012 election.

Whether it’s Hurricane Sandy, attacks on Bain Capital or Obama “suppressing the vote,” Republicans from all sides have been offering their post-mortems on their 2012 election losses, but none was more concise than former Governor of Mississippi Haley Barbour:

“We had some shitty candidates. We pissed away two seats.”

Barbour did not identify which ones, but we can only assume that he meant the brothers of insensitive rape comments, Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin who lost senate races in Indiana and Missouri respectively. Barbour’s own assessment was that 2012 was a close election, and that had comprehensive immigration reform been a more prominent part of the Republican platform (and presumably not Mitt Romney’s solution of “self-deportation”) that his party would be in a better position.

Agree or disagree, credit Barbour for speaking his mind.

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