Former Resident Donates $10K To Struggling Homeless Shelter

Laurel Dammann
A formerly homeless man gave back generously to the shelter where he found refuge and a second chance during some of the most challenging points in his life.

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One way to judge a person's character is to see how they treat others as they emerge from struggle, particularly how they treat those currently in dark times themselves.

Shelter House in Ontario, Canada, received a surprising and astonishingly generous gift of $10,000 from a former resident who said he felt it was important to reach back and help his friends "stay safe" even though he had moved forward in important ways.

One of the homeless shelter's staff members told the BBC that the man, who prefers to remain anonymous, had been visiting the shelter for five years and was also a survivor of Canada's indigenous residential school program. He had managed to overcome his difficult circumstances, although the staff member explained that he was not at all wealthy and still used some of the shelter's services.

"He was adamant that he wanted to make the donation, because of course my first reaction was he should keep this and use it for other things," she told reporters.

However, the man saw that the shelter was struggling to keep its SOS street outreach programs going. The programs, which are invaluable resources for the homeless and other vulnerable people, required $200,000 to keep running through the end of the year, so the shelter reached out to the community and supporters for help.

According to the BBC, the man was in the lobby of Shelter House when a representative from Matawa First Nations donated $10,000 and challenged others to match his gift. Needless to say, he was matched.

Using the money he received from residential school reparations, the man gave back in a powerful and meaningful way. His big heart has inspired others to donate to the house, pushing the organization about halfway toward their $200,000 fundraising drive goal.

This man's act is proof that kindness does indeed go full circle.

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