Foster Teen Who Begged To Get Adopted Finally Finds A Permanent Home

Two years ago, Davion Only's plea for adoption in front of a church congregation went viral.

Davion Only finally finds a family with his former caseworker after church plea

Happy endings may be hard to come by, but they are indeed real.

In September 2013, a 16-year-old foster kid from Florida, Davion Only, made headlines after he appeared in front of a church congregation in St. Petersburg and begged for somebody to adopt him.

Dressed in a donated suit and holding a borrowed Bible, he was driven to the church by his caseworker Connie Going after Davion found out his biological mom had passed away in jail.

Tired of being shuffled through different homes and schools, the teen was determined to find a permanent home so he made a bold decision. He stood at the altar in front of total strangers and made a heartbreaking plea that soon went viral.

“I'll take anyone,” he said. “Old or young, dad or mom, black, white, purple.”

Local media immediately picked up his story and soon, more than 10,000 people contacted the foster agency, Eckerd, to adopt Davion. Florida's Department of Children and Families praised him for raising awareness about other teens who need homes and dubbed him a hero. In few weeks, a minister from Ohio expressed his desire to adopt him and the 16-year-old went to live with the family.

However, things didn’t work out as planned.

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Three months later, the family changed their minds and flew Davion back to Florida to live in the foster home after he got into an altercation with the minister’s kids. The teen thought he was too old to be adopted and lost all hope. He had not contacted his former caseworker Connie Going in a long while, so after few more months of being shuffled around, he decided to contact her.

He had known Going for almost a decade and had asked her to adopt him several times, but she had always said no because she believed he deserved more, a complete family with a dad. Being a single mother of two daughters, she didn’t think she could raise Davion properly.

Caseworker Adopts Orphan Davion Only

However, when he called her this time around and asked if she could adopt him, she said yes.

“In adoption there is a ‘claiming moment,’ when you know [someone is] your child. When he called me to ask, in that moment, I just knew,” the 52-year-old told the Tampa Bay . “When he asked me, my heart felt this ache and I just knew he was my son.”

She rented a bigger home, got a lawyer and started adoption proceedings. Davion moved in with Going in December and will become an official part of the family on April 22. The former agency caseworker also adopted another kid few years ago.

“I’m OK with messy and difficult,” she said. "You just have to have your armor on all the time, but it’s more than worth it. And every day things get a little bit better.”

Hopefully, it will be Davion’s happily ever after and he’ll finally get to live the life he always dreamed of.

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