Four Sentenced To Death Over Afghan Woman’s Lynching

Many claim the verdict is lenient, but for a country like Afghanistan, it's still a step forward.

Four sentenced to death over Afghan mob killing

After various protests in Kabul, sentences have finally been given to those involved in the brutal slaying of Farkhunda, an Afghan woman.

Judge Safiullah Mojadedi gave a death sentence to four of the 49 suspects. Another 8 people were given 16 years in prison whereas the rest were not found guilty and released. 

The murder of Farkhunda, a young religious scholar, took place outside one of the biggest mosques in Kabul. Witnesses describe the horror as they saw an angry mob beat the victim before pushing her from a roof. The mob then went on to run her over by cars before setting her body alight in the Kabul Riverbed.

Although Farkhunda was accused of setting several copies of the Holy Quran on fire, Gen. Mohammad Zahir, the head of the Criminal Investigation Directorate said there was no evidence to support that claim.

Despite 19 of the 49 suspects being from the Police, there seems to be little long term change even after the heinous murder. The head of Civil and Liberal Initiative for Peace said that only the lower officers will be punished as “High-ranking police officials, including the Kabul police chief, were not put on trial”

In a statement, the Afghan president Ashraf Ghani said that although disrespect of the Quran is in no way acceptable, the mob broke the Islamic and Afghan law by "making oneself a judge and using violence to punish others."

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