Fox Correspondent Says Tanning Helps Her Understand Minorities

A Fox correspondent told Bill O'Reilly that she confronts her white privilege by getting spray tans. editor and Fox pundit Katie Pavlich appeared on The O’Reilly Factor to talk about the University of Vermont offering its students a retreat to help understand white privilege.

When host Bill O’Reilly asked Pavlich if she has ever confronted her white privilege, she said the whole concept of white privilege is racist against whites.


She didn’t stop there. Pavlich went on to say that she confronts her whiteness by “going to the tanning salon” and then she made a skin cancer joke!

She stuck her foot further into her mouth by implying that white students are being “ostracized” for not joining the Black Lives Matter movement.

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So, white students are being ostracized for not taking part in an effort to make conditions better for minority students who were already being ostracized?!! Makes no sense…

Pavlich’s logic is totally off. She clearly could benefit from a retreat to learn about white privilege where she would discover that the concept is not meant to attack people with white skin, but rather promote awareness of the fact that they have several advantages in society that minorities do not, solely because they are white.

There are no racist undertones beneath the concept of white privilege, it’s just a social fact that people who benefit from it tend to be oblivious to. 

The whole segment was just a hot mess. O'reilly, Pavlich and the third correspondent, Kennedy, basically made a mockery of white privilege as if it doesn't even exist which — in essence — kind of proves that it does.

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