Fox & Friends Think Teaching Children To Disarm Gunmen Is A Good Idea

"Caught in the Chaos: How to Teach Your Kids to Fight Back" is not exactly the empowering message they seem to think it is.

In a move no sane parent should support, Fox & Friends used a group of school-aged boys to show how to potentially disarm a shooter during a school shooting—something the program is apparently advocating children should do.

Two krav maga experts and their students demonstrated the moves necessary to disarm a shooter; while school shootings have alarmingly become more frequent in the past few years, the situation, which host Elisabeth Hasselbeck claims some people call the “new normal” should not and cannot be solved by children risking their lives to attempt and disarm a gunman.

Hasselbeck calls the krava maga students “willing, able, prepared, aware, and actually able to do something,” which is absurd, considering the actual uncertainty and terror that arises during a school shooting. It should not fall upon the students to feel the need to approach or engage defensively with the shooter.

Teaching self-defense to teachers and adults is one thing—encouraging young children to use defense strategies against a school shooter is completely different, ludicrous territory which only Fox would fall into.

What we can take away from this is that while Fox News thinks any methods of making guns more difficult to access is a waste of time, using children to help stop gunmen once they’ve already acquired the guns will be much more successful.

To really keep your kids safe, keep them far, far away from Fox News. 

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