Fox News "Accidentally" Shows Picture Of Obama As Rapist And Refuses To Apologize

Fox News claims it mistakenly put up a picture of Obama during a story about an alleged rapist.

Fox News claims it mistakenly used a photo of Obama when reporting about a sex assault case. 


Even after it was pointed out to the station, they have since refused to say sorry, saying an apology is unnecessary. 

Times of San Diego reported that Mike Wille, assignment editor at Fox, said that they weren't going to give an on-air apology because "They really don't do that when it's a small thing like that."

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Considering Fox News' track record of blowing small things up out of proportion, this seems pretty hypocritical. 

It's really quite unfortunate for the Republic Party that the only major news network that takes a conservative slant can be so utterly ridiculous and shameful. Sure, there are always going to be people who love their political party so much that they go a bit extreme. But the fact there is no channel representing the Republic Party that reports with reason or judgment in a way moderate America can get behind does a disservice to the type of legitimate values that many conservatives hold. Fox News makes the whole party seem like a clown show. 

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It's time for the Republican and conservative base to get it together and demand a higher level of professionalism when it comes to reporting. 

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