Bill O’Reilly Threatens NYT Over Something That Happened In 1982

Fox News is totally giving the NYT the stink eye, from one host to a reporter.

Bill O'Reilly threatens N.Y. Times reporter

Not that anyone expects anything good to come out of Fox News – but recently, one of the network’s hosts, Bill O’Reilly, thought it was OK to actually threaten a New York Times reporter.

Emily Steele is investigating a story about O’Reilly’s coverage of the Falklands War in 1982 as a young correspondent for CBS News.

O’Reilly is under fire for the war stories he’s told over the years from his days of reporting in South America. While he has told stories that placed him and his colleagues on the field of a war zone, a few people disagree on that matter – specifically on how intense of a war zone it was.

He has recounted stories where feared having his head blown off as well as heroic tales when he saved the day. Long story short, O’Reilly’s war anecdotes from something that happened three decades ago do not add up.

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Under scrutiny, O'Reilly went on the (major) offensive rather than defend himself. He calls his criticizers “guttersnipe” and believes there’s a “smear” campaign against him.

O’Reilly, never changing strategy, told The New York Times that he will “retaliate” against Steele if he did not approve of her coverage on this matter. "I am coming after you with everything I have," he said. "You can take it as a threat."

If O'Reilly was never actually in a war zone, he's creating one for himself now.

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