Fox News Championed This Rancher, Then Ignored His Racist Rants

Cliven Bundy is a Nevada rancher who suddenly became famous when Fox News started covering his standoff with the federal government over his illegal use of public lands. For some strange reason, Fox News did not cover Bundy's racist rants.

Rule of thumb: sentences starting with, "Let me tell you about the Mexicans," are going to be trouble. As for the whole, government subsidies are worse than slavery thing, it's really hard to put into words just how wrong that is. 

While Fox News is under no obligation to cover every racist rancher out there, ignoring Bundy's comments is quite conspicuous. According to Think Progress, Fox News mentioned Bundy 469 times while spinning the tale of Bundy as an American hero fighting back against government overreach. This reveals (again) that Fox News is not journalism. It is a network for narrative reinforcement. Bundy's standoff against the Federal Bureau of Land Management fits a narrative that Fox News seeks to promote.

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