Fox News Host Megyn Kelly Wants Kids To Know That Santa Is White And Jesus Was White Too VIDEO

For all you kids out there, Santa is white. Jesus was a white man too.

Yes it’s true. Fox News host Megyn Kelly just wanted ‘kids watching’ to know these two undeniable and universal truths. The right-wing cable network never fails to live up to its reputation for being a white-washed, racist and frankly speaking – stupid – news channel.

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While having a panel discussion on a Slate blog titled ‘Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore' Kelly expressed her inability to wrap her head around the fact that this ‘African American’ (why bother being politically correct?) writer, Aisha Harris, would suggest that the concept of Santa should be more inclusive for children.

Firstly, it’s unclear why Fox news felt like a singular blog about on a writer’s personal views is news-worthy. Secondly, why three panelists were needed to debate on the issue is even more ridiculous.

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As usual, once Media Matters published the clip from The Kelly File on social media Twitter had a field day.

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