Fox News In Desperate Denial About Cause Of Charleston Shooting

Fox News thinks that the Charleston church shooting was caused by everything except guns and racism.

While the rest of the news channels, news sites of the world have been engaging difficult questions about race and gun violence in the wake of the Charleston shooting, Fox News has jumped the shark in an attempt to maintain their pro-gun, post-racial happy place of consummate denial.

Here are some of the claims they’ve made in a desperate attempt to make the Charleston church shooting about anything other than race and gun control:

The Charleston church shooting was an attack on Christians

Conservative pundit and Christian minister E.W. Jackson appeared on Fox & Friends to suggest that Charleston was indicative of “rising hostility against Christians across this country.” After all, Dylann Roof chose to attack a church.

Sure, but he chose a historically Black church.

Also, there was also that thing he said about wanting to start a “race war” and all. Whatever. That’s probably not important.

The Charleston church shooting was an attack on South Carolina

Why stop there? Maybe it was an attack on the South. On America. On the English-speaking world!

We’ll let Brian Kilmeade speak for himself on this one. His words damn themselves.

The Charleston church shooting was caused by “political correctness”

Fox News contributor Pete Snyder said on Outnumbered that moral relativism was to blame.

"Moral relativism in this country is so rampant that you look at a racist who you’re living with for six months who wants to start a civil war and race war and you don't do anything about it.”

Katie Pavlich blamed political correctness, “microaggressions.”

"People have become numb to real racist statements because we cried wolf on a lot of other issues when it comes to saying certain things are, in fact, racist.” (Putting racism in scare-quotes).

I think we can agree that the disinclination to confront others’ racism has more to do with the “anti-political correctness” party and the fear they incite than it does with the excesses of a “crybaby society.”  

The Charleston church shooting was caused by “diversity”

Fox co-anchor Martha MacCallum thinks there may be so many mass shootings in America because….there are so many people of color to shoot at.

“Now it may be statistically, that [shootings have] happened [in the US] more. That may be because of the kind of society we are. We have a lot of different cultures living here together.”

Sure, we suppose getting rid of black people is one way to solve the problem of black people getting murdered in disproportionate numbers. Unfortunately, “getting rid of black people” is also what Dylann Roof had in mind.

The Charleston church would not have happened if the pastor had been armed

An Elisabeth Hasselbeck of Fox & Friends thinks that gun violence could be solved with a wild west-style shootout.

The Charleston church shooting was orchestrated by Obama to distract from the national debt, push the pro-abortion agenda, get Hillary elected, and reduce America to an amorphous mass of fornication and niche religiosity.

Not actually true, but give it a week.

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