Fox News 'Liberal' Bob Beckel Wants To Ban All New Mosques In America (VIDEO)


Bob Beckel wants America to ban mosques until all the terrorists are caught.

He and Greg Gutfeld of The Five onFox News were discussing the killing of 28 Nigerian students by militants and somehow the conversation turned from extremists to all the other Muslims of the world who pray in mosques. It was irrelevant but then again, it was not.

Beckel was the more enraged of the two. While referring to the Nigerian attack he said, “They are a bunch of thugs, murderers and they go after schools, Christian schools. They’ve done this, they’ve burned them down. We don’t do that here. If we burned down your mosque here, you’d be really upset.”

 “Now, I’ve already got enough mail from you all, that you don’t like what I say about not letting your students come here,” he continued referring to his stance on Muslim students migration to the U.S. “If it were up to me, I would not have another mosque built in this country until we got it worked out who was not a terrorist.”

Well then it’s a pretty good thing that you are not in-charge Mr. Beckel.

He later said, “And by the way, is any Muslim out there, any Muslim cleric, any Muslim leader said anything about this? No! You’re cowardly! Because you’re afraid they’re going to put a — what do they call it? — a fatwa on you. Well, fatwa this!”

Let me remind you, Bob Beckel is considered to be a ‘liberal’ host. Ironic, isn’t it. He was also the one who said in February this year that rape on campus doesn’t happen anymore. That instance is enough to explain his connection with logic.

Watch his outburst in the video above.

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