Fox News' Panel On Women Voters Is 3 Old White Men

Women make up 54 percent of the electorate - and 0 percent of Fox News' panel on female voters.

Keeping alive its custom of blatant sexism, Fox News assembled a panel to talk about Donald Trump’s problems with female voters but did not bother to include any women – because men have better understanding of female issues, obviously.

The panel was composed of Happening Now host Gregg Jarrett, former advisor to President Bill Clinton Douglas Schoen and conservative columnist Cal Thomas.

Jarrett pointed out to his fellow panelists on Tuesday that Republican frontrunner Trump’s fan base only constitutes of 30 percent women and wondered if this attributes to the former reality TV star’s verbal insults toward the particular demographic.

“Do you think some of his verbal attacks on women have cost him among women?” he asked the panelists.

Since women will make up about 54 percent of electorate come November, these stats are certainly not pretty for the business mogul who is renowned for his “penchant for sexism.”

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“One of the things that concerns me is this talk about women’s issues as if women are a monolith — as if they all think alike or should think alike,” said Thomas, taking issue with the very notion that women share interests when they walk into the voting booth. “Women care about basically the same things men care about  health care, the economy and the rest.”

Perhaps if Fox News had been thoughtful enough to actually include a female panelist to discuss the issue, she would have pointed out that women’s issues do vary from those faced by men. We live in a society where women are not only paid less than their male counterparts, they have harder time getting a job and accessing basic health care as well.

As one Reddit user so eloquently put it, “If men and women didn't react differently to issues, there'd be no need for a panel and the polls would be the same.”

Fox News Panel On Female Voters

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