Russell Brand Calls Fox News More Dangerous Than The ISIS

June 27, 2014: Russell Brand knows an entity far more dangerous than the ISIS terrorists fighting in Iraq.

As militants wreak havoc in Iraq, battling the country’s armed forces, our intelligence is taking time to gather data before carrying out any attacks in Iraq. This has become a hotly contested issue on television talk shows, as many believe that counter attacks need to be carried out urgently.

Meanwhile, fighters of terrorist group the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are not only battling with the Iraqi armed forces, but they are spreading fear and recruiting new followers through propaganda videos on different social media websites.

The ISIS is being deemed more powerful than the notorious al-Qaeda because their members are using new mediums like the Internet to intimidate enemies. They are, as one Guardian article puts it, leading the insurgency against the Iraqi government via using apps, social media and even a feature-length movie.

However, British comedian Russell Brand made a really good case in one of his YouTube videos this week when he pointed out that there is a group far more dangerous than the ISIS and it runs from the U.S.

He was talking about Fox News, the conservative television news station that – despite its nonsensical coverage – frequently leads all cable networks in ratings.

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Brand’s detailed analysis were a response to a recent show on the Iraq crisis by Fox host Jeanine Pirro in which she suggested that the U.S. should “bomb” Iraq over and over again and that Americans “are not convinced” that Obama “even knows who the enemy is.”

Though the actor was horrified with almost everything Pirro had said, he was particularly upset with her comment in which she called the ISIS a “fanatical religious terrorist organization.”

“So is Fox News," he said, adding it's a fanatical terrorist propagandist organization because they think the U.S. should “bomb them [Iraq], keep bombing them, bomb them again!"

“F***ing hell,” Brand shouted. "When they do these bombings it creates more insurgents. It creates more terrorism."

Calling Pirro's words "evil," "incendiary” and "just volatile combative, angry language," Brand concluded that Fox’s attitude is more dangerous than ISIS.

“That’s far-reaching. That’s affecting millions and millions of people," he said as he ended his video.

There is no denying that he speaks the truth as far as propaganda on Fox News is concerned. It has a history of being wrong and provocative.

But we think Brand should really sit down with The Daily Show’s host Jon Stewart – who is the best when it comes to slamming Fox’s political incorrectness. That would undoubtedly be a classic show, don’t you think?

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