Fox's Ralph Peters Loses All Dignity, Calls Obama A “Total P*ssy"

There's really no line conservatives won't cross. Ralph Peters.

We already know most of the individuals at Fox News are a group of completely disrespectful, raving bigots who, on a daily basis, demonstrate their lack of intelligence and ability to view complex issues with any nuance. Yet Lt. Col. Ralph Peters took this to a whole new level Monday morning—on Fox Business’s “Varney and Co.,” he shockingly ranted that President Obama was a “total p*ssy” for his measured, rational response to the threat of ISIS.

The media commentator was less than thrilled with our president’s mature approach to the situation, shouting “he [President Obama] keeps speaking about, 'We can't give in to our fears, you know, don't be afraid.’ Look, Mr. President, we're not afraid; we're angry! We're pissed off! We're furious! We want [you] to react! We want you to do something! You're afraid!”

“I mean, this guy is such a total p*ssy, it's stunning!" Peters spluttered. "We the people — the American people, whom he does not know in any intimate sort of manner — we want action! We want action against Islamic State. And then — then — when the president's telling us, you know, he is going to destroy ISIS. This is a president who has done more harm to American police departments than he has done to Islamic State. This is a president who restrains our military."

Peters’s comments hardly dignify a response, but let’s attempt one anyhow: Obama is employing “action” with air strikes, alliances with local ground forces, and diplomatic relations, using these methods to save the lives of thousands of American soldiers and prevent yet another costly war. Reacting like a screaming child with disgraceful name-calling is exactly why Peters is only a media correspondent.

This is not the first time Peters has lashed out against the POTUS in obscene ways—he previously referred to the White House administration as a bunch of “bitchy high school girls.” Classy, indeed.

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