French Muslim Youths To Paris Terrorists: You're Anti-Islamic Cowards

French Muslims send a strong message to terrorists who kill in the name of Islam.

The terrorist attacks in Paris on Nov. 13 are the second such attacks in less than a year carried out in the name of Islam. In response, a group of French Muslim youths have one message for terrorists: Don't kill in our name.

The young men and women featured in the video called the Paris attackers anti-Islamic cowards and showed their solidarity with victims and all affected by the acts of terrorism.

Each one of them is seen with their heads down in grief, holding placards that read “We are and forever will be united.”

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The video goes to show that these Muslim students condemn the terrorist attacks and includes heartfelt statements such as “Will my heart be given enough time to heal?” and “But soundness of faith will always condemn such attacks.”

The clip ends with a quote from the Holy Quran that states “Whoever takes one life, it is as though he has killed all of humanity.”

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