France: Police Caught On Camera Brutally Beating A Woman (VIDEO)


A very shocking video has emerged on the internet showing French policemen brutally beating a woman and ma. The footage has sparked outrage all over social media websites.

In the video, reportedly from Joué-lès-Tours in central France, police attack a woman with a baton and spray tear gas in her face. The victim was defenseless and according to, it was a black woman who was violently arrested.

The Local (France) reports, quoting the local daily La Nouvelle Republique, that the two officers had stopped a man who was intoxicated and driving a car when a female passenger intervened and allegedly bit one of the two policemen. It was then when the police officers reacted.

And now, the French people are reacting, posting tweets and messages on the internet demanding proper incestigation of the event.

(Translation: “The policemen from Joué-les-Tours, gassing and beating a woman, should be suspended. They are a disgrace to French police.”)

(Translation: “The police on the video hitting a woman on the ground, then leave the ground handcuffed. Shameful, shocking, shocking!”)

But there are also some who support the police. One example is given below:

(Translation: They refuse to comply with and bite the police. Then they dare to say, shame on the French police. I must be dreaming!”)

What is your take?

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