France Vows To Help Africa Fight Piracy, Terrorism

France and Africa opened new venues for cooperation on Tuesday to reshape global diplomacy, boost trade, battle climate change and fight pirates.At a two-day summit in the Riviera city of Nice, France shifted its focus away from its traditional west African allies and engaged with the continent as a whole, reaching out to economic powerhouses South Africa and Nigeria."This summit is a new step," Sarkozy told reporters after meeting with the 38 African leaders for his first Africa-France summit since taking office in 2007.The French president waded into the heated debate over United Nations reform, backing Africa's call for more seats at the Security Council and also a voice at the Group of 20 club of rich economies."How can we accept a world where 25 percent of the population lives in Africa and yet it does not have a permanent seat at the Security Council?" Sarkozy said."This is an anomaly, an injustice and a source of imbalance," said the president who pledged to push for change to g