Fraternity Rush Guide Lists Dorm Locations Of 'Hot' Freshman Girls

A fraternity at James Madison University distributes a guide to new recruits that includes the names, dorm numbers, and "hotness ranking" of several freshman girls.

The Phi Gamma Delta fraternity chapter at James Madison University has a disgusting way of guiding their new recruits to “hot” freshman girls in an effort to "get them laid."

The organization’s “rush guide,” distributed to potential new members includes names, room numbers and a “hotness” ranking between one and 10 of several freshman girls so that newbies can hunt them down and invite them to the frat’s parties, according to Gawker which reportedly received a copy of the guide from a tipster.

The document lists eight steps required to become a frat brother including leaving their suite doors open during “frog week” – which we assume is a nickname for the first week of school or the frat's "pledge week."

Apparently, leaving their doors open allows them better access to meet the hot girls walking through the halls.

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The guide also suggests attending the dorm meetings where they can scope out “all the hot tail” in the dorm at one time.

It even tells the rushies how to dress for parties, warning that if any of them wear cargos or socks with Sperrys (style of preppy men’s shoes) they will be castrated.

Step five, and probably the most disgusting tip of the deplorable guide reads:

“I have written a list of hot girls and their suite/room in [the dorm]. Now this is a little creepy thing to do but necessary so let’s keep this low key. You must travel together to all of the suites on this list, and invite these girls to the parties (social schedule will also be attached). You are to introduce yourselves, build rapport (if you don’t know what that is look it up you degenerates), invite them (their whole suite) to the party of the respective night, and tell them to come up to your suite around 9pm to pregame. Don’t forget to get their phone #’s. Now, I’m praying you guys brought liquor or something that allows you to pregame.”


The university provided a statement in which they acknowledged being aware of the rush guide and claim to be investigating it, but they cannot go into detail due to federal privacy laws, according to Gawker.

“Obviously, the university takes seriously any complaints of sexual harassment or misconduct. Pending the outcome of the investigation, the matter will be dealt with in accordance with university policy and procedure,” the statement reportedly reads. 

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While White House officials, Lady GaGa, Eve Ensler, Zoe Saldana and countless others are doing their part to combat campus rape and raise sexual assault awareness, groups like the JMU chapter of Phi Gamma Delta are just further perpetuating rape culture on our college campuses, making young women fearful to leave home to pursue higher education. 

Amid this year's back-to-school season, we've seen explicit banners hung outside a frat house at Old Dominion University in Virginia and even a University of Alabama sorority degrading and objectifying themselves in a video which aimed to promote sisterhood. 

Rape culture has become such the norm that even young women have begun internalizing and embracing it and incidents like this "rush guide" are regarded as "jokes" rather than the disgusting, misogynistic act it really is. 

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