Baltimore Police Just Shot Themselves In The Foot

The Baltimore police feel cheated by the media. The Maryland Transportation Authority police feel wronged.

They think the media is biased in its coverage of the riots, especially the role of the police in it.

So they tweeted out their lament:

Then they tweeted some more:

And the fact that they are threatened and vulnerable:

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Somebody should tell them the good deeds are their work, part of their duty. They are signed up to serve and take care of people. What’s newsworthy there?

It becomes news when they don’t do what they are supposed to do and end up threatening the very people they are supposed to be keeping safe.

If police were expecting sympathy and compassion, they were quickly put back in line:

But the tweet that hit it on the head:

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They probably didn’t learn from NYPD and LAPD’s social media fiascoes.

Well, it’s still not too late to get their act together and stop adding fuel to people’s ire over their extremely questionable behavior in recent times.

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