FREE! Alan Gross Released, Obama Announces New Era for US, Cuba

"It is the right thing to do" says President Obama in a moving speech about new relations with Cuba.


Here's a live stream video of President Obama's remarks regarding the release of an American prisoner in Cuba. He speaks about forming new relations with that country. (The presidents remarks start at 27:00)

The speech follows the news that American Alan Gross has been released from a Cuban prison after five years. The agreement also includes the release of three Cubans jailed in the United States said a senior U.S. official on Wednesday.

Gross was detained in 2009 while working to set up Internet access as a subcontractor for the U.S. government. Cuba considers that program illegal and an attempt to undermine its government. Gross was tried and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Obama made a stirring speech outlining a new relationship with Cuba because "It is the right thing to do


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