French Cops Accuse 8-Year-Old Of Terrorism For Refusing To Join Charlie Ebdo Memorial

The boy didn't even know what terrorism means. Islamophobia in France has officially reached unprecedented levels with the news that an 8-year-old school kid was recently questioned by the police for alleged links with terrorists.

Islamophobia in France

A school teacher in the city of Nice was alarmed when one of her Muslim students – named Ahmed – refused to be a part of a minute's silence for those slain by Islamic militants in the Jan. 7 attack on Charlie Hebdo office.

According to the teacher, the child also uttered statements of solidarity with the terrorists. The teacher then informed the school principal, who in turn deemed it appropriate to call the cops on the child.

Upon questioning, it was revealed that the child did indeed say "I am with the terrorists," but when asked by the police to tell if he meant what the word terrorism means, he replied: "I am with the terrorists."

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"In the current context, the principal of the school decided to report to police what had happened," said Marcel Authier, the head of public security of the Alpes-Maritimes department. "We summoned the child and his father to try and comprehend how an 8-year-old boy could hold such radical ideas. Obviously, the child doesn't understand what he's saying."

The Collective Against Islamophobia in France later said in a statement: "Father and son are deeply shocked by their treatment which illustrates the collective hysteria that has engulfed France since early January."

They further revealed that in his opposition for the satirical cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, the young child, in his naivety, ended up making remarks in favor of the terrorists. It certainly didn't warrant a two-hourlong police investigation.

The incident shows how hysterical and jumpy French authorities have grown regarding Islam and Muslims since four terrorists, out of their own will, attacked satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo's office in Paris.

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