French Guy Doesn't Think Before Delaying Girlfriend's Flight

It's the thought that counts, though, isn't it? When a French guy was worried about his girlfriend missing her flight, he had an idea.

Frenchman makes false bomb alert to delay girlfriend's plane

Although most people would think of running, calling the airline, speaking to personnel, or simply taking their chances, this guy had what he thought was the best plan ever. 

His idea? To call the Bordeaux-Merignac airport in southwestern France, and report a bomb.

Bomb threats are obviously taken very seriously, and before the man could even see his girlfriend off, authorities jumped into action.

His plan had worked, but not quite the way he had hoped.

The airport was quickly sealed off while searches were conducted. No bomb was found, but the man who reported it was caught about 20 kilometers from the airport.

Call it love, or call it stupid, the man was arrested, and will be appearing in court soon. He could face up to two years in prison and a 30,000 euro fine. 

As far as his girlfriend goes-well, it wasn't reported as to whether or not she made the flight, but chances are if she did, she probably didn't feel too great about it.

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