Shocking Images From The French Protest Against Uber

The ride-hailing app has offered a threat to certified taxi drivers for a while now, and has received concerted opposition. But never like this.

Taxi drivers have taken to the streets of Paris to contest France’s version of Uber, known as uberPOP. Tires are being set aflame, cars ambushed and flipped over, and roads to Charles de Gaulle airport have been completely blocked. Some taxi service clients are apparently being "held hostage," and riot police have been compelled to intervene.

French anti-Uber protests turn violent

The car service, which allows drivers without professional licenses to offer public transport, had been declared illegal in French courts, but remains a threat to the certified taxi industry after the ruling was overturned.

French Anti-Uber Protest Turns To Guerrilla Warfare

A number of public figures have been caught amid the uproar.

French taxi drivers protest

Courtney Love tweeted her shock that France was capable of such violence.

Anti-Uber Protests Turn Violent In France

Venture capitalist and Uber board member Shervin Pishevar was similarly perturbed.

Anti-Uber protests heat up in France

Uber has faced a great deal of opposition throughout the world as it's increasingly displaced transportation workers, but this is the most incendiary response to date

Clashes Erupt Across France as Taxi Drivers Protest Uber

An Uber spokesperson offered the following statement:

"Uber firmly condemns the recent acts of violence against Uber partners and their cars, perpetrated today in Paris and in other French cities; whatever the anger, violence is never acceptable. Uber wishes to underline the fact that no French court of justice has declared uberPOP illegal."  

French taxi drivers smash cars in strike against Uber

G7 taxi firm chief, Serge Metz, has also issued a comment, stating his regret that the situation had to come to this:

"We are truly sorry to have to hold clients and drivers hostage. We're not doing this lightly.”

French taxi drivers block roads in strike against Uber

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