Funeral For Cumbria Gunman

"Mass killer Derrick Bird's funeral took place on Friday, the final of 13 services held in just a week. Friends and some relatives gathered to commemorate his life at Distington Crematorium, also the funeral venue for several of Bird's victims. But not all members of his family felt able to attend. In a statement, the family of his twin brother David, Bird's first victim, said: ""We send our love and support to our grandma, auntie, uncle and cousins on this difficult day. ""As you can imagine this has been a very hard time for our family and at this present moment we do not feel physically and emotionally strong enough to attend the funeral."" Earlier in the day the youngest person to die at the hands of Derrick Bird was laid to rest. Jamie Clark, 23, was driving through Seascale, Cumbria when Bird opened fire on him."