Gaddafi Son's Killing Puts Nato In Firing Line

Libyan regime claims that Nato is attempting to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi have intensified following the apparent death of one of the leader's sons and three of his grandchildren in an air strike on Tripoli.

Gaddafi was at the one-storey house in a residential area of Tripoli when the missile struck late on Saturday, according to government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim.

David Cameron insisted that Nato was acting within the remit of the UN security council resolution which authorised military actions to protect civilians.

But officials in Russia and Venezuela criticised the attack. "More and more facts indicate that the purpose of the anti-Libyan coalition is to physically destroy Gaddafi," said Konstantin Kosachev, a Russian legislator.

The Nato missile struck the house of Saif al-Arab, 29, the youngest and least well-known of Gaddafi's seven sons, just after 8pm on Saturday during a family gathering at which the Libyan leader and his wife were present. The three grandchildren who were killed were under the age of 12, said Ibrahim.