Captured On Camera: Gas Leak Blows Up House In Illinois

This is reportedly the second time in 17 years that a gas leak has ignited a disastrous fire in the neighborhood.

A gas explosion ripped through two houses in Romeoville, an Illinois suburb about 26 miles southwest of Chicago.


Despite the massive magnitude of the blast that completely destroyed two houses, there were no fatalities since the homes were vacant at the time.

Two Nicor workers were injured as they fought the blaze. Both of them have been moved to hospitals, and remain in stable condition.

The blast rattled the entire neighborhood.

“It felt like an earthquake. The whole house shook,” Stephanie Harris, a 34-year-old neighbor, told the Chicago Tribune. A few hours before the explosion, Harris saw crews outside the house working on a gas leak. “They need to get that fixed.”

Houses were evacuated and traffic flowing into the roads halted, as authorities hurriedly tried to get the situation under control.

This is not the first time that a gas leak has sparked fire in the neighborhood. Lynn Roan, a former resident who lived in the block 17 years ago, reported to the Chicago Tribune, that she had moved out of her home for 13 months when a gas leak was being repaired.

"Right across the street again, just like last time, but I think only three houses this time,” Roan, an emergency room nurse, said. "The last time the whole neighborhood went up.”

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