Gaza Aid Ship Rejects Israeli Compromise

"Israel has reportedly intercepted the latest aid ship attempting to break its blockade of the Gaza Strip. Activist Greta Berlin of the Free Gaza group said: ""They are being followed"". A journalist aboard the vessel was also quoted saying: ""They are following us. There has been no contact."" Israeli officials have not commented, but they had warned they would not let the MV Rachel Corrie reach Gaza. It comes five days after a convoy of six was halted, including a Turkish ship on which nine men were killed by Israeli commandos who stormed aboard. Israel has said it would accept the goods aboard the Rachel Corrie at its port of Ashdod, for onward land delivery to Gaza, but the activists have insisted they will dock in Gaza. The vessel is named after an American pro-Palestinian activist killed by an Israeli army bulldozer in the Gaza Strip in 2003.