Gaza Flotilla Activists Deported As Witnesses Accuse Israel

Israel on Wednesday was deporting more than 600 foreign activists whose accounts of a deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla contradicted Israeli reports that its soldiers acted in self-defence.As possible confrontation with another aid ship loomed, British Prime Minister David Cameron took a tough stand against Monday's pre-dawn Israeli raid which killed nine activists, terming it "completely unacceptable."Yet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remained steadfast in his defence of the Gaza blockade that the activists were trying to break.The hundreds detained on the boats and diverted to Israel have all been released for deportation, prisons authority spokesman Yron Zamir said. They were all taken to Tel Aviv airport or the Jordanian border.There was very little official information about the condition of the injured activists.By mid-afternoon, 28 of them were in hospitals, but authorities later said the majority of the wounded were also being deported, according to Physician