Gaza Truce Takes Hold, Rockets Continue Until Last Minute

Aug. 26, 2014: Gazans celebrate in the streets as Israel and Hamas announce a truce after 50 days of war.

In the last minutes before Israel and Hamas announced an "open-ended" truce, rocket fire continued to pummel the region. 

The truce began at 7 p.m. local time (noon on the East Coast of the U.S.)

Right up until the truce, media reported the last vestiges of rocket fire into southern Israel and Gaza:

One Israeli was killed in the attack, Haaretz reports. Israel Defense Forces also continued to fire on Gaza, killing six people.

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The exact terms of the truce aren't known yet. Israel and Hamas seem to have agreed on stopping the attacks, but on little else. Other issues were tabled for future negotiations. Haaretz reports:

"The senior official said the cease-fire proposal does not include Hamas' demands for a seaport, an airport, the release of prisoners or regarding the issue of funds. In future negotiations, said the official, both sides will present their demands, and Israel will raise the issue of demilitarizing the Gaza Strip. Israel will allow humanitarian aid to enter the Strip, including materials for reconstruction. According to the official, the aid will enter the Strip under supervision."

Israelis and Palestinians have a reason to be somewhat skeptical, given how often cease-fires have broken down since early July, when Israel began its offensive "Protective Edge."

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Already calls for continued attention on Palestinians' plight are coming:

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Even with the uncertainty, Gazans are celebrating tonight with dancing in the street, car horns honking and gunfire. 

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