With This Bio-Bus, You Can Poop Your Way To Your Destination

Poo isn’t useless. It can power an entire bus. An environmentally friendly bus service fuelled entirely by human feces has been launched in the United Kingdom.

poo bus

Made by GENeco and named Bio-Bus, this eco-friendly vehicle takes it power from biomethane gas found in abundance in human excrement and wasted food, claims a BBC video report. Even impressive part is that the bus can run for a rather impressive 186 miles on a single tank.

Moreover, it’s not just a great way of putting to use renewable energy that goes to waste. It also discharges 30 percent less carbon dioxide into the environment, making it all the more so better for our planet’s health.

GENeco so far has just a single Bio-Bus, but we’re sure that with the advantages it has over conventional transport system, it will soon have a fleet.

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