Fashion Guru Outfits The Homeless With Photo Shoot Clothes

A man working in the NY fashion industry is making a difference shoe-by-shoe.

Imagine walking barefoot through grimy city streets in the freezing cold temps of winter. One man did think about it and is doing his part to make a difference. 

Andre McDonnell brings a large duffel bag stuffed with sneakers, socks, hats and sweatshirts to the park. He's a fashion executive in New York City but he's not selling or advertising the footwear and clothing, he's handing the items out to the homeless.

"I know that they appreciate it, and it just may make their walk in life just a bit easier," he wrote on his Facebook page

The clothes and shoes, from brands like Adidas and North Face, are donated after being left over from fashion photo shoots. Celebrity stylists also donate and Andre washes the clothes himself at his local laundromat before handing them out. 

His non-profit organization is appropriately named "It's From The Sole". He got the idea three years ago when he came across a shoeless homeless man playing basketball.

'So I left the ballgame, took off my shoes and offered him my sneakers and he took them with a smile,' he recalled.  'As I walked away, I felt the gravel under my own feet, and it just hit me there has to be something more that I can do.'

One of the people he has helped was Harold, spotted sitting barefoot outside of a restaurant. 

When Andre gave him a pair of Adidas and clean socks, he smiled widely.  'Thank you, man,' he said. 'I haven’t had a new pair of shoes in a very long time. This means a lot.' 



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