George Galloway Accused Of Racism After Refusing To Debate With Israeli Student At Oxford (Video)

Controversial MP George Galloway is now being accused of racism after he stormed out of an Oxford University debate.

George Galloway

Controversial MP George Galloway is now being accused of racism after he stormed out of an Oxford University debate.

Mr Galloway, who is the Respect party MP for Bradford West horrified students during an Oxford University session by refusing to debate with the opponent, who’s a third year student, telling him: "I don't debate with Israelis."

According to reports, the Respect MP had been booked to attend the debate at Christ Church college and had spoken for a few minutes in favor of the motion that ‘Israel should withdraw immediately from the West Bank’.

The YouTube video of this incident shows Mr. Galloway picking up his coat and storming out of the hall to the cries of ‘racism’ after speaker Aslan-Levy referred to Israelis as “we”. On asking he confirmed he was an Israeli citizen to which Mr. Galloway replied, ‘I don’t debate with Israelis. I have been misled. Sorry.’


Before leaving the room he also said: ‘I don’t recognize Israel, and I don’t debate with Israelis.’


Galloway said on his Facebook page:

George Galloway

Galloway is not un known to controversies. This recent exchange between Galloway and the student speaker sparked Twitter frenzy.

A former Labour London assembly candidate, Christine Quigley tweeted:



Mr. Galloway Commented on his Twitter account:



Michael Baldwin, moderator of the debate said: "I was disappointed that a possibly fruitful discussion was prematurely ended by Mr Galloway’s refusal to debate someone just because of their nationality."

Check out hoe Redditors responded to Galloway’s outlandish behavior on the famous microblogging website.


The world is not black and white, if you dislike Israel's policies, that shouldn't make you consequently a Galloway supporter. He isn't very nice either.



The cringest moment in the history of cringe



That was horrifying..



I can't. I'm sorry, I just can't look at this video.



Being an Israeli does not make Eylon's view inherently invalid, nor does it automatically make him religious, or have any particular political views.

Good point. Just because someone's Israeli doesn't automatically make them a mouth-breathing Likudnik. If anything, someone who proclaims himself to be anti-Israel should welcome a debate with Israelis in order to call them out for any misdeeds that they might think Israel is guilty of...



If the organizers deliberately tried to create a provocation, it's wrong on their part.

That being said, i think Galloway is very wrong. The Israeli speaker is a UK resident, currently studying in Oxford and not a representative of the Israeli government, nor is he even a supporter of the Israeli right.

So the claim that "If Israelis want to speak about Palestine they can talk to the PLO." Is irrelevant at best, ridiculous more likely.

The lack of ability to differentiate between individuals and the collective they are part of, specifically the politics of the represented government of such a collective is IMO not a progressive stance, but rather degenerate.

I also think that if you value and respect your own opinion, you would be more than happy to let your opponents hear it and try to oppose it, that is if you're confident in your ability to defend it.

I'm not saying there aren't good reasons to walk out of a debate, there are plenty. The reason Galloway gave though, IMO are the opposite of what I would consider constructive.



Well, Galloway isn't a progressive person. He's a hard left authoritarian.


The video is all over Social media as people are watching it and sharing it over and over again. Let us know how you feel about Galloway’s reaction with your comments.
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